5kg Co2 Fire Extinguishers

    • 5kg Co2 Fire Extinguisher
    • Brackets - supplied
    • Supplied in Single extinguisher
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5kg Co2 Fire Extinguisher

5kg Co2 Fire Extinguisher, Use on fires caused by electrical equipment, petrol, diesel, paints and other flammable liquids, Supplied fully charged and with brackets for easy mounting. Application Class B fires Electrical areas, offices, factories, computer server rooms, manufacturing, warehousing. Can be used for your fish tanks and aquatics.

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5kg Co2 Fire Extinguisher Specifications

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    • Use on fires caused by electrical equipment, petrol, diesel, paints and other flammable liquids
    • Supplied fully charged and with brackets for easy mounting
    • Colour coded handles
    • Hose and horn will need assembly'
    • BS EN3 and CE marked
    • Application Class B fires;
    • Electrical areas, offices, factories, computer server rooms, manufacturing, warehousing
    • Classes B & Electrical
    • Description Standard
    • Discharge Time 22 secs
    • Finish Corrosion resistant
    • Fire Rating 70B
    • Fixing Brackets - supplied
    • Material Aluminium alloy
    • Qty. Aluminium alloy
    • Size 580 x 160 mm
    • Filled Weight = 13.8 kg
    • Throw range = 7 metres
    • Supplied in Single extinguisher
    • Type 5kg
    • Weight 5 kg

    What are 5kg Co2 Fire Extinguishers used for?

    Traditionally Co2 fire extinguishers are associated with fighting fires involving electricity which is why they are commonplace in all business premises as the majority of fires (unless arson) start with faulty, damaged or overheating electrical equipment, however 5kg Co2 Fire Extinguishers also have a 'B' rating which makes them capable of tackling fires involving flammable liquids.

    5kg Co2 Fire Extinguishers cannot be used on any fire, if used to tackle a chip pan fire the force of pressure used when the co2 is expelled will splash the hot oil everywhere which could cause pockets of fires elsewhere and cause hot oil burns and injuries to the co2 operator, likewise co2 fire extinguishers should not be used to tackle fires involving wood, paper or textiles (class 'A') fires as again the force of the co2 may displace and disperse pockets of burning embers into the atmosphere and cause numerous small fires in different places.

    Co2 fire extinguishers work to put out electrical fires, with a computer fire for example the co2 can be expelled into the back and the co2 gas acts as a clean, searching agent which can find the fire and displace the oxygen (one of the elements of the fire triangle) in turn extinguishing the fire, once the fire is out there is a chance the fire can reignite due to the generated heat and the oxygen returning so it is important at this time you disconnect the computer from the mains power supply, once disconnected the co2 can be used again, if reignition takes place you can use a wet based fire extinguisher such as the foam type but only if the electrical goods are disconnected from the mains power supply.

    Co2 fire extinguishers are filled with liquid co2, the common types are 2kg and 5kg containing 2 litres and 5 litres of liquid co2 respectively, once the liquid co2 is expelled through the horn and mixes with oxygen it converts into a carbon dioxide gas which enable it to combat fires by taking away the oxygen. Co2 fire extinguishers do not perform well in outdoor conditions especially in wind as the gas will be dispersed into the atmosphere.

    When co2 fire extinguishers are being used it is very important to remember that the operating horn and the extinguisher cylinder will become very cold, in fact near freezing so don't hold the horn or the body of the extinguishers when operating, in case of the 2kg co2 extinguishers it can be operated by pointing the horn in the direction required and letting go then hold the cylinder using one hand using the squeeze grip operating handles.

    Co2 fire extinguishers can be perfect for home use, in today's climate more people are working from home such as remote workers and the self employed so it's worth considering buying a small 2kg co2 fire extinguishers for the home office for that added peace of mind, as the 2kg Co2 extinguisher is slim it can easily be positioned near the door to your home office but please remember not to store the extinguisher away in a cupboard or away from your escape route as you may become trapped with no means to tackle the fire or escape.

    Co2 fire extinguishers are perfect for use on electrical fires and places where you will see them is ; receptions, near electrics, near machinery, electrical intake rooms, internet server rooms, offices, battery charging areas, schools, hospitals, shops, homes and many other locations where electricity is present, it is important to position the co2 fire extinguishers near the electrical risk or at entry and exit points of contained areas such as electrical intake rooms and boiler rooms.

    When using Co2 fire extinguishers to tackle flammable liquid fires remember to stand at a distance and downwind, the co2 gas will smothers the burning liquid and displace (remove) the oxygen, if and when re-ignition takes place you can use either powder or foam fire extinguishers to completely put out the flammable liquid fire.

    Where 5kg Co2 Fire Extinguishers are positioned around business premises it is important they can be easily seen, visible and identified by appropriate co2 fire extinguisher signage which can be wall mounted above the co2 extinguishers, where possible wall mount co2 fire extinguishers so the operating handles are around waist height and wall mounting helps prevent the extinguishers from being removed from the wall and used as a door stopper (a pet hate for the fire officer), where wall mounting is not possible consider using fire extinguisher stands to house the extinguisher and any co2 fire extinguishers mounted outdoors must be protected from the elements by using either fire extinguisher covers or Fire extinguisher protection cabinets.

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    • 5kg Co2 Fire Extinguisher
    • Brackets - supplied
    • Supplied in Single extinguisher