Acrylic Safety Signs

What are Acrylic Safety Signs? Acrylic Safety Signs are a range of signs which have been manufactured with Acrylic material to offer everyone a complimentary looking range of signs that will conveys the message but have a prestigious look and feel about them so that they blend in with the premises decor and provide that luxurious status.

Our safety compliant acrylic signs are the perfect choice for helping you achieve that stylish and contemporary look. Available in various size formats, the signs are made from high quality, durable materials that are built to last.

With a classy, fashionable acrylic surface area together with a higher gloss coating, the signs protrude slightly from the wall surface, consequently are created to stand out for utmost impression.

Sold with screws as well as aluminium panel supports, the signs can be quite easily and safely positioned to numerous locations to suit your specific requirements. Most importantly, these signs comply with rigorous safety standards, to give you great peace of mind.