Noise At Work Posters

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Noise At Work Posters

The Noise At Work Posters are designed to help both employers and employees in noisy environments comply with the noise at work regulation 2005 which requires employers to prevent or reduce health risks to health & safety from exposure to noise at work. The Noise At Work Posters sets out detailed information for both employers and employees, the regulation require an employer to assess the risks to your employees from noise at work, take action to reduce the noise exposure that produced those risks and provide employees with hearing protection if the noise exposure cannot be reduced by any other methods.

Employers are required to make sure the legal limits on noise exposure are not exceeded, provide employees with information, instruction and training and carry out health surveillance where there is a risk to health. Noise At Work Posters provide information about wearing hearing protection as exposure as exposure to noice can be permanently damaging. If there is hazardous noise pollution in the working environment, the employee must be protected against the hazard by wearing ear defenders to comply with the health & safety regulations.

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