1. Guidance For Fitters Who Work With Gas

    Guidance For Fitters Who Work With Gas

    For the purposes of these Regulations, ‘work’ includes do-it-yourself activities, work undertaken as a favour for friends and relatives, and work for which there is no expectation of reward or gain, eg voluntary activity for charities. This means that anyone carrying out such work must have the necessary competence, as required by regulation. However, membership of an HSE approved class of persons under regulation is required only by businesses carrying out gas fitting work.

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  2. Gas Installations Your Complete Guide

    Gas Installations Your Complete Guide

    No person shall install a gas fitting unless every part of it is of good construction and sound material, of adequate strength and size to secure safety and of a type appropriate for the gas with which it is to be used. Gas engineers should acquaint themselves with the appropriate standards for gas fittings and ensure that the fittings they use are to those standards.

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  3. Your Complete Guide To Installing Gas Pipes

    Your Complete Guide To Installing Gas Pipes

    No person shall install any installation pipework in any position in which it cannot be used with safety having regard to the position of other pipes, pipe supports, drains, sewers, cables, conduits and electrical apparatus and to any parts of the structure of any premises in which it is installed which might affect its safe use. Any person who connects any installation pipework to a primary meter shall, in any case where equipotential bonding may be necessary, inform the responsible person that such bonding should be carried out by a competent person.

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  4. Safety Precautions For All Gas Engineer

    Safety Precautions For All Gas Engineer

    Gas engineers should ensure that any appliance they install, or flue to which they connect an appliance, is safe for use. Requirements in regulations should be met as applicable, and reference made to appropriate standards. Appliances should be installed in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions, including any manufacturers’ instructions on flues to which the appliances can be safely connected.

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  5. Love BBQ's? Then You Will Love This Article

    Love BBQ's? Then You Will Love This Article

    Barbecuing has in no way been more desirable ; with the never-ending types of barbecues in the marketplace along with the countless barbecue cookbooks and even cooking shows it definitely does indeed take barbecuing into an alternative arena. With recipes for starting with grilled bananas to peaches as well as dry rubs for ribs, barbecues are certainly not intended for roasting just steaks as well as burgers nowadays. With all the obtainable barbecuing options it helps to have knowledge of some of the barbecuing terminology in addition to barbecuing instruments which might be utilised.

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