Enjoy Your Christmas Party With These Safety Tips

Whether you look upon the traditional office Christmas party with excitement or dread, Christmas work events are an expected part of office lifestyle. Inexpensive drinks, tacky decorations, dodgy disco music and observing countless members of the organisation getting acquainted with one another just a little greater are generally part of the enjoyment at Christmas office celebrations. With the credit crisis in full swing this Xmas, businesses are likely to be required to cut back on their recreation expenditures. One of the ways companies might favour to always keep the expenses of the Christmas gathering down is by celebrating where you work instead of leasing out a location. If you are planning to host this years office event in the company building, could you ensure that the office is clued up about Christmas fire safety?

While your trusty staff are responsible for the Xmas fire safety in their home, you might be responsible for their fire safety in the workplace. So how can you make sure that your workplace fire safety is good enough and that the single thing burning up the dance floor is going to be the MDs dancing manoeuvres? Take a look at our workplace fire protection check list below...

Dodgy festive decorations

Some offices may really like to get into the celebratory spirit by stringing a handful of lines of tinsel or even some sparkly fairy lights across the office environment, especially at the Christmas party. If they are the exact same decorations that you have long been taking out of the stock cupboard for the past twenty years then it is time you checked them out. You have to double check that your current fairy lighting electrical wiring is not cut up and also confirm that they comply with a British Standard in safety. You should also test fuses thereby making certain that one or two members of employees undertake responsibility for turning the illumination off after the end of every day and also after the office workplace party. Make certain the personnel use common sense in relation to workplace decor - inspect to ensure nobody has hung tinsel across the top of computer system monitors or suspended bunting from the lights!

Overloaded sockets

Workplace fire safety (and also patience) may be tested to the limit at Christmas time with staff bringing in Compact disc players, lights, singing Santas together with pretty much any kind of Christmas related electronic gadget it is possible to think of. Each one of these appliances require electronic sockets and if your sockets are running the regular PCs, printing equipment and monitors, then incorporating all these electronic products can certainly overload sockets. Make sure you purchase some additional extension sockets to take care of the demand and make certain all switches are turned off at the conclusion of the Xmas celebration.

Smoking cigarettes and alcoholic beverages

For many these two go hand in hand at any kind of occasion however after a hard 12 months in the office, your team will be more prone to let their hair down, especially if the company's paying! All office buildings must be a smoke free place so make certain that even with two or three drinks, your workers know that smoking inside won't be tolerated. Alcohol could make even seasoned drinkers absent minded to say the least so if you spot anyone very well on their way to becoming inebriated, talk to one of their colleagues to watch out for these people. Even better, have your office gathering during the early evening and then individuals could begin filtering out before someone drinks a large amount.

Workplace fire alarm

Your office should be kitted out with an in-depth fire alarm system to keep your workforce secure. Standard fire systems are the basic level for the majority of fire equipment requirements because they are well suited for small office buildings. Out of having an office fire alarm and maintaining it correctly, you know that that if anything was to go wrong, your staff will be alerted rapidly and have time to leave the building successfully.

Workplace fire protection

No matter what the time of the year, your staff have to be aware of the office fire safe practices plan and also how to proceed in case there is a crisis. If perhaps you're doubtful of exactly how effective the office fire safety program is then simply get in touch with your local fire service or perhaps safety and health body for additional advice. While you're planning your Xmas party this year, take some time to observe the checklist above so that you along with your staff can benefit from the festivities in safety.