The meaning of Fire Exit Arrow Up Signage

All workplaces and public buildings are required by law to ensure the occupants of the building can escape to a place of safety, in reasonable time and along a fire protected route. To ensure building owners mount fire exit arrow up signs in the correct positions and locations it is important that a fire risk assessment is carried out which will determine where you can mount your fire exit up arrow signs, keep in mind whilst carrying out your fire risk assessment that wherever you are standing inside the building you must be able to visibly see some type of fire exit sign. Fire exit signs with an up arrow are designed in various materials, sizes and formats all of which will depend on the environment and size of the building where they are going to be mounted, for example, in small premises such as shops and offices often self-adhesive material fire exit arrow up signs can be the ideal choice taking into consideration the environments which is probably clean and dust-free, whereas factories, warehouses, manufacturing plants and food processing areas may require fire exit up arrows signage which are manufactured from a more robust material such as rigid plastic, polycarbonate or even prestigious materials such as acrylic, brass or aluminium.

Fire exit signs with an arrow pointing up are used for the purpose of showing the occupants of the building that they need to progress onwards along the route without deviation (unless directed to do so) to either reach the nearest final fire exit door or to reach the next fire exit sign which will provide a specific direction again, when installing up arrow fire exit signs ensure they are mounted above doors on the specified routes, where this is not possible consider installing fire exit arrow up signs which project from walls or can be suspended from ceilings, the end result is to ensure the occupants can easily see the fire exit up arrow signs without obstruction so they clearly understand they must progress or travel forwards along the fire exit route. It is recommended that fire exit signs with an up arrow feature both pictogram symbols and text as they are universally recognised and can be clearly understood by most language speakers, this is particularly important in public buildings.

it is recommended that you don’t mount fire exit arrow up signs above the final fire exit doors unless people need to travel up a ramp or stairs on the outside of the fire exit door, fire exit arrow up signage can also be used in lower levels of buildings such as basements and underground car parks where people need to be guided upwards such as stairs or ramps to reach fire exits which are located at ground level above the lower levels. when mounting fire exit arrow up signage above doors the hight from the floor should be between 2-2.5m and for maximum visibility select the size which suits the viewing distances, when carrying out your fire risk assessment remember there are many choices of fire exit arrow up signs in many materials, sizes and formats, simply choose the best types for your environment and in if required your interior decor. For information about fire exit arrow down signs and their meanings see our guide to find out more.