Why Every Household Needs Clinell Wipes

Clinell universal wet wipes are in high demand due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, sought after by everyone from households, the health sector and medical professionals worldwide. The Clinell range is designed to clean, sanitise and disinfect in under 11 seconds and Kills at least 99.99% of pathogens and is now the UK’s most trusted single-step detergent and disinfectant which is ideal for use on both surfaces and non-invasive medical devices. Their patented near-neutral pH formula ensures exceptional material compatibility and is proven to kill at least 99.99% of pathogens after 10 seconds, norovirus within one minute and reduce instances of MRSA by 55% and Clinell universal wipes are effective against Covid-19 virus in 30 seconds.

Clinell universal wet wipes don't require pre-cleaning of surfaces as they will clean and disinfect in one action due to the biocides which act as a powerful high grade disinfectant to ensure no microbial resistance can develop over time, contact time is the time needed for a disinfectant to be in contact with a microorganism to kill it. It is important when using disinfectant wipes to leave the surface to air dry and never dry the surface manually.

Clinell wipes have been dermatological tested and contains aloe vera and moisturisers which makes it safe on all washable surfaces, be used without gloves and is non bleaching. The wipes are dispensed one at a time, with a moisture lock lid, so the next wipe does not dry out which commonly occurs with pack dispensers, it is recommended when using Clinell wet wipes that you follow the 5 key principles of cleaning such as;

    • Wipe in an S shaped pattern
    • Work from top to bottom
    • Wipe from clean to dirty
    • Leave to air dry
    • One wipe, one surface

    The Clinell surface wipes can be used for cleaning kitchen surfaces including wooden surfaces, metal rimmed chairs, mobile phones, remote controls, keys, doorbells, door handles, floors even where pets will be walking, toilet seats and any kind kind of surface in the home and are skin friendly. The wipes have been designed by doctors and are trusted by healthcare professionals including the NHS and front-line staff.

    The Benefits of Clinell Wipes For Healthcare

    As well as the front-line staff, doctors, nurses and key workers and benefiting from the results of the wet wipes, in healthcare premises they can be used to disinfect non-invasive medical devices, surfaces and equipment. The Clinell universal CE marked wipes can be used to clean the following equipment and surfaces, these surfaces are rarely cleaned and have been shown to cause infection, the list is not exhaustive;

      • Monitors
      • Blood pressure cuffs
      • Radiology equipment
      • Blood pressure machines
      • Incubators
      • ECG machines
      • Stethescopes
      • Doppler probes
      • Pulse oximeter probes
      • Ultrasound transducers

      The NHS' number 1 disinfectant wipe, used in 9 out of 10 NHS hospitals, now available for homes, schools and businesses. Kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses from 20 seconds. Clinell Universal Surface Wipes kill up to 10x more bacteria and viruses than standard household disinfectants. Unlike pure disinfectant wipes, Clinell Universal Surface Wipes clean whilst they disinfect, helping remove dirt and soiling whilst boosting their germ-killing power. They get to get to work right away, proving effective from only 20 seconds. Despite all that cleaning and killing power, they're skin-friendly, dermatologically tested and kind to surfaces.

    Protecting Your Family And Your Home

    Without a doubt germs and bacteria exist in the home, kitchens, toilets, bathrooms and in homes where pets are cared for and disinfecting areas around the home can prove a challenge for standard household disinfectants especially with households with babies, children and pets.

    As well as being perfect for the home the wet wipes can travel with you, supplied in pocket sized packs the Clinell universal wet wipes are ideal for keeping in the glove box of the car too, take them on your staycation for thoroughly cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising surfaces from Covid-19 in 30 seconds wherever you go such as in the caravan, on your boat or your holiday home. The universal wipes are also perfect for driving instructors, nursing homes, mobile hairdressers and house cleaners, below is a simple list of household surfaces and gadgets the wipes will clean and kill coronavirus;

      • Household Keys
      • Doorbells
      • Door handles
      • Kitchen Surfaces
      • Chairs
      • Mobile & home phones
      • Remote controls
      • Hand held gadgets
      • Children's toys
      • Floors
      • Toilet seats
      • Taps

      For ensuring you, your family and home are protected from Covid-19 and other viruses and bacteria in 30 seconds the Clinell universal wipes are the perfect choice for every homeowner and parent. Safe to use in food preparation areas the wipes are ideal for kitchens and cleaning down camping equipment.