BurnSoothe Burns Dressings

    • BurnSoothe Burns Dressings
    • Sterile trauma hydrogel
    • Non-toxic and sterile
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BurnSoothe Burns Dressings

BurnSoothe Burns Dressings are types of sterile trauma hydrogel burn dressing which is applied to burns to minimise trauma and skin damage and is non-adherent to burnt skin, BurnSoothe Burns Dressings are non-toxic and instantly cools and soothes as the dressings are soaked in a cooling gel and BurnSoothe Burns Dressings immediately protects the burn injury. BurnSoothe Burns Dressings are ideal for industrial or kitchen environments where burn injuries are likely to occur and can be used on chemical burns and sunburned skin. Burn injuries can often happen around catering environments and ideally catering first aid kits should be installed and also burns first aid kits are ideal for any environment where burns are likely to occur.

BurnSoothe Dressings Suitable For Chemical Burns Large Specifications

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    • Do not require pre-cooling so can be stored in a first aid kit
    • Gel soaked dressing cools and soothes burns and minimises skin damage
    • Non-toxic and sterile
    • Instructions for application of BurnSoothe Dressings
    • N.B. For chemical burns continually wash the wound in cold water for 15-20 minutes before following these instructions
    • Open the sachet and lay dressing across the wound
    • Squeeze any gel left in the sachet onto the dressing
    • Secure with conforming bandage, applying minimal pressure
    • Ensure medical attention is sought if needed
    • Description Burnsoothe Dressing 200 x 200 mm
    • Size 200 x 200 mm
    • Supplied in Single
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Short Description
    • BurnSoothe Burns Dressings
    • Sterile trauma hydrogel
    • Non-toxic and sterile