Caution Pinch Point Warning Signs

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Caution Pinch Point Signs

A Caution Pinch Point Sign is a hazard warning message type of machinery sign which is used for displaying in areas where it is necessary to warn others about the dangers posed from pinch points and Caution Pinch Point Signage conveys the message "Caution pinch point" which means to warn others to be cautious of any pinch point risks. In sites with multiple machines which have pinch points the pinch point labels are self-adhesive and can be applied to machinery surfaces to warn others of the pinch points and pinch point signage is available in a portrait orientation sign for mounting onto walls.

Caution Pinch Point Signs Specifications

    • View the full range of warning signs for machinery
    • Ensures compliance under the latest signs & signals regulations
    • Display area Indoor and Outdoor
    • Colour - Background White
    • Colour - Text Black
    • Features - Write On No
    • Finish High gloss
    • Orientation Landscape
    • Photoluminescence Non Photoluminescent
    • Shape Rectangle
    • Sign/Symbol Pinch Points
    • Sign Text/Symbol Symbol and Text
    • Sign Type Hazard
    • Supplied in Single
    • Text Caution pinch point

    Guidance regarding Caution Pinch point symbol signs

    Caution Pinch point symbol signs conform to the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996, the regulations state that "Caution Pinch point" signs must feature black text of "Caution Pinch point" on a yellow background and where appropriate black symbols displayed on a yellow warning triangular background which makes the signs fall under the warning category of signs and for this reason "Caution Pinch point symbol" Signs comply with the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996.

    Caution Pinch point symbol signs also comply with the BS EN ISO 7010 regulations, according to the regulations "Caution Pinch point symbol" Signs must contain a pictogram symbol of fingers being trapped in machine cogs on a yellow triangular background with a black border which is universally recognised as a hazard warning symbol sign and this makes the "Caution Pinch point symbol" Signs comply to the regulations of BS EN ISO 7010.

    It is important that business owners carry out a risk assessment which should identify the areas where "Caution Pinch point symbol" Signs should be mounted, consider mounting these signs on machinery and equipment.

    The purpose of mounting "Caution Pinch point symbol" signs is to reduce or eliminate the possibilities of others being harmed or injured from machinery parts, as an employer you have responsibility for people's health & safety whilst on your premises so it is vital that where pinch points exist on machinery and equipment you must warn people by mounting and displaying "Caution Pinch point symbol" signage to help reduce any accidents by people trapping their fingers or loose clothing inside the machines.

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