Chemical Hazard Signs

What are Chemical Hazard Signs? Chemical Hazard Signs are a range of signs which convey a variety of messages to ensure everyone is warned of the potential dangers posed by any chemicals that may be present around your sites so that everyone is made aware of the chemicals and their potentially harmful nature.

Chemical Hazard Signage, wherever you have the use of chemicals within your workplace you must ensure you display the correct chemical hazard warning signage to ensure staff, visitors, sub-contractors and the general public are aware of the specific dangers relating to your chemicals within your workplace.

There are many different types of chemicals so depending on your chemicals and the risks they pose you must ensure you display the correct chemical warning signage to suit the chemicals either in use or stored.

It is a good idea to seek specialist advice regarding the correct signage to display depending on the chemicals you have, you would also benefit from carrying out a risk assessment of your workplace chemicals to determine their best storage and use, normally the suppliers of the chemicals will provide data sheets and storage requirements for you.

Dangerous chemicals must be stored in suitable containers or cabinets and always be kept locked to prevent unauthorised access, these chemical storage cabinets or containers must also display some type of chemical warning signage to warn everyone of the dangers within the storage box.