Corridor Signs

What are Corridor Signs? Corridor Signs are a range of signs that have been designed for specific use to be mounted in corridors so that your facilities can be easily found where normal flat signage mounted above or on doors won't be easy to see in a corridor. Corridors feature the added benefit of being double sided making your facilities easier to locate in locations such as corridors as they can be viewed from both sides.

Corridor Signs, there are thousands of buildings across the UK that due to their design have corridors of some type within their structure, due to this any signs that are places flat onto walls within the corridor would not be seen from either end of the corridor.

Our range of corridor signs solve this problem, we supply corridor signs that once erected can be easily seen wherever you are in the corridor and because the corridor signs are double sided you can see the corridor signs from both sides of the corridor enabling the pedestrians using the corridor to identify the location which is indicated by the corridor signs.