Yellow Grit Salt Bin 60 Litre Capacity

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Yellow Grit & Salt Bins

Yellow Grit and Salt Bins features a 60 Litre Capacity making it ideal for storing up to 60 kg of de-icing salts or rapid ice melts in preparation to clear areas of snow and ice around the home, workplace, driveways, roads and paths, the salt, grit or ice melt can be distributed over the snow and ice using the Hand Held Salt Spreader which not only spreads the salt, grit or ice melt but can be filled by acting as a scoop. The Yellow Grit and Salt Bins weighs just 5kg when empty allowing for easy moving and relocation and features a hinged lid which protects the grit and salt from the elements.

For keeping paths, drives and patio areas clear of snow and ice around the home the Mini Grit Bin Kits are the ideal solution, featuring a 30 litre capacity to store either de-icing salt or rapid ice melt the Mini Grit Bin Kits comes complete with a 10kg back of white de-icing rock salt and a snow scoop making it the ideal solution for clearing snow and ice around the home, buy Yellow Grit & Salt Bins online with SafetyBox. Workplaces requiring larger capacity grit and salt bins will benefit from the 100 Litre Grit And Salt Bins which are a mid sized grit bin ideal for outdoor reception areas and offices and features a Hinged lid protects contents from the elements making them ideal for storing your de-icing grits and salts.

Yellow Grit & Salt Bins Specifications

    • View the full range of industrial grit and salt bins
    • You may also be interested in the 30 Litre Mini Grit Bin Kits
    • A similar choice are the 100 Litre Grit And Salt Bins
    • Hinged lid protects contents from the elements
    • Small size allows grit bin to be discreetly placed around your home or office
    • Ideal grit bin for a small office or domestic property
    • Can optionally be secured with a hasp and staple lock
    • Weighs just 5 kg when empty
    • Capacity 60 L/65 kg
    • Colour Yellow
    • Size (H x W x D) 450 x 500 x 470 mm
    • Supplied in Single
    • Weight 5 kg

    Your essential guide to grit and salt bins

    Grit and salt bins are used for the all year round storage of grit and salt which should be kept stocked up with de-icing grit or de-icing salts in preparation for the winter months of freezing temperatures where snow and ice is likely to form on the ground surfaces such as roads, driveways, patios and footpaths. Due to the way they are manufactured, grit and salt bins will keep the grit and salt dry all year round, if moisture was let in such as rain the grit and salt will go hard and be difficult to spread when needed.

    Anyone is allowed to take grit and salt from the bins such as bins provided by your local council which are normally seen at the sides of the roads, near road junctions and pedestrian crossings, provided the grit and salt is used for de-icing the paths, crossings and roads where the grit and salt bins are sited. The purpose of the roadside grit and salt bins are so that when the rock salt is spread onto the roads, crossing and paths it lowers the moisture freezing point of the floor surfaces, preventing ice from forming and will cause existing snow or ice to melt. Normally grit and salt is spread on the road surfaces to ensure vehicles crush it and spread it all over the road.

    Grit and salt bins contain grit which is actually rock salt, this is why it is used for storing in your bins for the winter months and when spread on your roads, paths, patios and driveways it will lower the freezing temperature of water and to prevent ice from forming in the first place rock salt is spread over the areas, any ice and snow currently on the ground can be melted with rock salt. To dispense the rock salt from your salt bin use a snow scoop or shovel and remove the freshly laid snow from the roads, paths, driveways and steps then apply the rock salt from the salt bin to the icy floor surfaces below.

    Grit and salt bins are normally vibrant yellow in colour so they can be easily seen during daylight, darkness and in snowy conditions helping to prevent motorists, cyclists and pedestrians from hitting them causing injury to themselves and damaging the bins, normally salt bins will feature a "GRIT" message embossed onto the lid for easy recognition. The majority of grit and salt bins available to buy today have been manufactured with tough Polyethylene allowing them the grit and rock salt to be fully protected from the elements.

    Businesses in England, Scotland and Wales must ensure they are prepared for the winter months by buying grit and salt bins for the protection of their staff, visitors and contractors and of course keep their business fully open, small businesses normally only need either a 100 or 200 litre grit bin for their workplace with up to 20 staff, business premises with a large workforce of over 20 staff will need to consider buying 350 litre capacity salt bins, normally large sites will have a number of salt bins in discrete positions around their sites.

    Business premises with a large workforce, schools, colleges, hospitals and public buildings often have a site facilities team for clearing the ground of snow and ice and to ensure car parks are kept clear of snow and ice business owners need to consider buying a winter kit for car parks which are supplied with de-icing salts, a mobile salt spreader and a snow shovel which will all make it much easier to clear snow and ice from car parks. Eco-Friendly Recycled Grit Bins are becoming a very popular choice of salt storage bins due to being made from fully recycled material and are fully stackable making them an ideal choice for local councils to replace old grit and salt bins.

    When choosing the grit or salt bin you need consider the environment of your premises such as how large is your car park?, how many roads?, paths and driveways are there to clear of snow and ice, do you need a hand held or mobile salt spreader? do you need storage space for shovels? a ppe kit such as high visibility jacket or vest and gloves, do you need a mobile grit bin or one which is vandal resistant? take a look at the winter grit and salt bins where you can view the types you think you might need and compare them to your needs.

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