Eyewash Glow In The Dark Signs

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Eyewash Glow In The Dark Sign

An Eyewash Glow In The Dark Sign is an emergency first aid eyewash type of sign which has been manufactured to glow in the dark in the event of a lighting failure and is used for displaying around areas to provide people with guidance of where the eyewash facilities are located and Eyewash Glow In The Dark Signage conveys the message "Eyewash" which has the meaning of highlighting the position of the eyewash facilities. In the event the first aider needs a report when any eyewash is missing you can mount and display Eyewash Missing Signage which shows the name of the person to report to when any eyewash is missing and for highlighting the location of eyewash facilities over a large viewing distance or in corridors mounting and displaying eyewash projecting signage which features the message being viewed from all angles.

Emergency Eye Wash Sign Glow In The Dark Signs Specifications

    • View the full range of emergency eyewash station signs
    • Eyewash signs are ideal for mounting near emergency eyewash facilities
    • View the full range of emergency eyewash signs
    • View the full range of emergency eyewash signs
    • Ensures compliance under the latest signs & signals regulations
    • Display area Indoor and Outdoor
    • Application Area Indoor
    • Colour - Additional Fluorescent Yellow
    • Colour - Background Fluorescent Green
    • Colour - Text Fluorescent Yellow
    • Finish Film applied white in daylight but glows brightly in darkness
    • Fixing Permanent Self-Adhesive
    • Material Rigid Plastic
    • Photoluminescence Photoluminescent
    • Shape Rectangle
    • Sign/Symbol First Aid Eyewash
    • Sign Text/Symbol Symbol and Text
    • Sign Type First Aid
    • Size (H x W) 210 x 148 mm
    • Size2 1.2 mm
    • Illumination - 6hrs +
    • Recharge time - 5 minutes in normal lighting
    • PSPA Class B
    • Supplied in Single
    • Text Eyewash
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