Xtra Glo Fire Action Symbolised Signs

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Xtra Glo Fire Action Symbolised Sign

An Xtra Glo Fire Action Symbolised Sign is a multi-message type of step-by-step sign which is normally used for being displayed in areas to illustrate to the occupants of the building on specific action that need to be carried out upon discovering a fire and upon hearing the fire alarm, an Xtra Glo Fire Action Symbolised Sign features being able to glow very brightly for up to 24 hours in darkness making the sign ideal for all type of premises, view our range of acrylic material fire action notice signs

Xtra Glo Fire Action Symbolised Sign Specifications

    • View the full range of glow in the dark fire action notice signs
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    • A similar choice are the Xtra-Glo Fire Alarm Fire Action Aluminium Signs
    • Supplied with double sided adhesive on rear
    • conform to the latest signs & signals regulations
    • can be displayed both Inside and Outside
    • Polyester film finish
    • conform to ISO 7010? Yes
    • Material is Acrylic
    • the thickness of the material is 6 mm
    • the orientation is Portrait
    • Highly Photoluminescent
    • Rectangular shape
    • Fire Alarm Call Point
    • Running Man
    • Fire Assembly Point
    • No Access
    • Do Not Use Lifts
    • Size is (H x W) 210 x 148 mm
    • Bright Illumination - 24 hours + Recharge time - 5 mins in normal lighting
    • supplied in Single
    • Fire action
    • Sound the alarm
    • Leave building by nearest available exit
    • Report to assembly point
    • Do not return to the building until authorised to do so
    • Do not use the lifts
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