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  • Fire Action Tabletop Sign

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Fire Action Tabletop Sign

A Fire Action Tabletop Sign is a fire evacuation type of message sign which has been specially designed to be mounted and displayed on tabletops around premises to provide guidance for the building occupants on what actions they need to take if they discover a fire and the sign conveys a series of step by step action which makes evacuating the property and contacting the emergency services much easier in the event of a fire. A Fire Action Tabletop Sign features the following information;

  • The sign heading reads "Fire action"
  • Message 1 conveys "Sound the alarm"
  • Message 2 conveys "Leave building by nearest available exit"
  • Message 3 conveys "Report to assembly point"
  • Message 4 conveys "Do not return to the building for any reason until authorised to do so"
  • Message 5 conveys "Do not use lifts"

Fire Action Tabletop Information Signs Specifications

  • Rounded corners are standard
  • Where can you display these signs? please display Indoors
  • Can i write on the sign? Yes you can write on the sign
  • What type of Finish is the sign? the sign provides a High gloss finish
  • How do you fix the sign? Fixing is Free-standing
  • What material is the sign made of? the Material is Rigid Plastic
  • What is the Material Thickness? the thickness of the material is 1.5mm
  • What Orientation is the sign? the orientation is Portrait
  • Is the sign Photoluminescent? it is Non Photoluminescent
  • What Shape is the sign? it is Rectangle in shape
  • What is the Sign Type? it is a Fire sign
  • What Characteristics does the sign offer? the sign is Free standing with support foot at rear
  • How is it supplied? it is supplied in Single
  • What is the size of the sign? various sizes in options
  • Sound the alarm
  • Leave building by nearest available exit
  • Report to assembly point...
  • Do not return to the building until authorised to do so
  • Do not use the lifts

Additional Information

Additional Information

Expert Guidance
  • Fire Action Tabletop Sign
  • Tabletop Sign
  • Features pictogram & text

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