Fire Door Keep Shut

Throughout all business premises in the UK there are fire doors installed, these fire doors vary from door to door regarding their fire protection capabilities and are normally rated in the length in minutes of how long their fire resistance is, as with all fire doors they must be kept shut at all times to ensure they perform to their true potential in the event of fire, sometimes it is necessary to display mandatory fire door keep shut signs to enforce the message of keeping the fire doors closed. Also consider that in some cases you may need to display fire escape route keep clear signs too in areas of your property where there are possibilities of the escape route becoming obstructed such as corridors and external fire doors. We manufacture, stock and deliver for free a full range of fire door keep shut signs, our sign range includes square fire door keep shut signs, rectangle fire door keep shut signs and round fire door keep shut signs, all of our signs are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials.