Gas Leak Action Multi-Message Notice Signs

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Gas Leak Action Multi-Message Notice Signs

Gas Leak Action Multi-Message Notice Sign is a mandatory message type of notice sign which is used for displaying around premises including the common areas of residential areas to provide vital information of what actions people must take upon discovery of a gas leak and the sign conveys the message "Gas leak action" and "Any person discovering a gas leak" which has the meaning of providing guidance on the step by step actions when a gas leak is detected. A Gas Leak Action Notice Sign features the following information;

      • The heading reads "Gas Leak Action" and "Any person discovering a gas leak"
      • Message 1 conveys "Extinguish all naked flames and cigarettes"
      • Message 2 conveys "Turn off the supply at the control valve"
      • Message 3 conveys "Open all windows"
      • Message 4 conveys "Call gas emergency on: ......"
      • The sub heading reads "If the escape persists"
      • Message 5 conveys "Evacuate the building immediately"
      • Message 6 conveys "Report to the external assembly point"
      • Message 7 conveys "Do not search with naked lights"
      • Message 8 conveys "Do not operate any electrical switch, light or appliance"
      • Message 9 conveys "Do not turn gas back on until the escape has been repaired"

Gas Leak Action Multi-Message Notice Signs Specifications

The Fluted Polypropylene Construction Site Fire Action Signs are the ideal solution for showing others the specific step-by-step actions staff and visitors must take if there is a fire on a building and construction site, made from fluted correx the signs can easily mounted on posts or fencing with cable ties and are robust enough to handle all weather conditions. In all workplaces and public buildings it is vital that an action plan is put in place for the disabled and wheelchair user's in the event of a fire, the best solution is to mount and display Evacuation For Disabled People Refuge Action Notice Signs which features valuable information about specific actions for the disabled and wheelchair user's when the fire alarm has been activated.

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