Gas Leak Action Multi Message Notice Signs

  • Gas Leak Action Notice Sign

  • Action sign

  • Features pictogram & text


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Gas Leak Action Notice Signs

A Gas Leak Action Notice Sign is a mandatory message type of notice sign which is used for displaying around premises including the common areas of residential areas to provide vital information of what actions people must take upon discovery of a gas leak and the sign conveys the message "Gas leak action" and "Any person discovering a gas leak" which has the meaning of providing guidance on the step by step actions when a gas leak is detected. A Gas Leak Action Notice Sign features the following information;

  • The heading reads "Gas Leak Action" and "Any person discovering a gas leak"
  • Message 1 conveys "Extinguish all naked flames and cigarettes"
  • Message 2 conveys "Turn off the supply at the control valve"
  • Message 3 conveys "Open all windows"
  • Message 4 conveys "Call gas emergency on: ......"
  • The sub heading reads "If the escape persists"
  • Message 5 conveys "Evacuate the building immediately"
  • Message 6 conveys "Report to the external assembly point"
  • Message 7 conveys "Do not search with naked lights"
  • Message 8 conveys "Do not operate any electrical switch, light or appliance"
  • Message 9 conveys "Do not turn gas back on until the escape has been repaired"

Gas Leak Action Multi Message Notice Signs Specifications

  • Does the sign conform to regulations? they conform to the latest signs & signals regulations
  • All symbols, where applicable, conform to BS EN ISO 710
  • Save wall space when you need to ensure employees, visitors and public see several messages
  • Where can you display these signs? can be displayed both Inside and Outside
  • What colour is the Background? the Background is both Red & Blue
  • What Colour is the text? the text is White
  • Can i write on the sign? Yes you can write on the sign
  • What type of Finish is the sign? provides a High gloss finish
  • What Orientation is the sign? the orientation is Portrait
  • Is the sign Photoluminescent? it is Non Photoluminescent
  • What Shape is the sign? it is Rectangle in shape
  • Is the sign Reflective? No it is Non Reflective
  • What is the Sign Type? it is an Action sign
  • What is the size of the sign? various sizes in options
  • How is it supplied? it is supplied in Single
  • What material is the sign made of? Various materials in options

Additional Information

Additional Information

Expert Guidance
  • Gas Leak Action Notice Sign
  • Action sign
  • Features pictogram & text

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