General Hazard Symbol Vinyl Safety Labels On-a-Sheet

  • Sign Type Hazard

  • Size (H x W) 100 x 100 mm

  • Supplied in Pack of 30 labels


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Product Description


General Hazard Symbol Labels

What is a General Hazard Symbol Label? a General Hazard Symbol Label or sticker is a hazard warning type of message symbol that has the meaning that you must be cautious and beware as there are particular hazards around so wherever you see these General Hazard Symbol Labels always be cautious as there are hazards present.

Where can i use General Hazard Symbol Labels? you can display these General Hazard Symbol Labels or stickers in locations that present a hazard to people, not necessarily hazardous goods or materials but also where there might be general hazards around your premises such as uneven steps so generally everywhere you want to warn everyone to be aware and cautious.

What do the General Hazard Symbol Labels look like? General Hazard Symbol Labels are a hazardous awareness type of message symbol label that consists of a black exclamation mark printed onto a yellow filled triangle which has a black border making the sign highly visible in all environments.

Hazard Symbol Labels are required where, although putting in place any other relevant hazard warning measures, any significant risks to the health and safety of employees, visitors, contractors or the general public should remain in place, Hazard Symbol Labels must be clear, legible and easy to understand and should be used to identify actions that are for warning everyone to be cautious and aware of any hazards and as a result displaying these Hazard Symbol Labels your are compliant with the signs and signal regulations.

In deciding when and where to use your Hazard Symbol Labels, employers must consider the results of the risk assessment made under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 (the Management Regulations).2 This assessment should identify where these Hazard Symbol stickers should be used if they will help to ensure everyone is warned about any hazardous areas around your premises.

It is vital that employers make sure their employees are aware of and understand the meaning of these Hazard Symbol stickers by providing training where required. Although these Hazard Symbol stickers are self-explanatory, new employees may be unfamiliar with the meaning of these Hazard Symbol stickers, It is because of this that the meaning of these Hazard Symbol stickers are clearly explained to everyone and that staff, visitors, contractors and in some cases the general public are aware of the consequences of not following the information provided by your Hazard Symbol stickers.

Hazard Symbol stickers Specifications

A high gloss flexible self-adhesive material with an easy peel backing

  • Suitable for use indoor or outdoor when applied to smooth, clean, dry surfaces
  • Ideal for curved surfaces such as cylinders
  • Self adhesive vinyl labels are quick and easy to position and require no fixings
  • Universally recognised symbols will inform your workforce of any hazards, provide instruction and communicate information
  • Self-adhesive vinyl
  • Supplied in packs of 30 labels (5 sheets of 6 labels)
  • All Labels measure 100mm wide
  • Application Area Indoor and Outdoor
  • Colour(s) Yellow/Black
  • Features - Laminated No
  • Features - Write On No
  • Material Vinyl
  • Shape Triangle
  • Sign/Symbol General Hazard
  • Sign Type Hazard
  • Size (H x W) 100 x 100 mm
  • Supplied in Pack of 30 labels
  • Tamper Resistant No
  • Type Hazard Symbol

Additional Information

Additional Information

Expert Guidance
  • Sign Type Hazard
  • Size (H x W) 100 x 100 mm
  • Supplied in Pack of 30 labels