Hand Sanitiser Alcoholic Hand Sanitiser Multi-Pack

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Hand Sanitiser Alcoholic Hand Sanitiser Multi-Pack

What is a hand sanitiser? a hand sanitiser is a gel made from a mixture of chemicals and alcohol that is safe to use on people hands when soap and water is not readily available. When can i use hand sanitiser? when you need to wash your hands to get rid of germs when there is no soap and water available or as an added precaution after washing your hands. Where is hand sanitiser used? hand sanitisers are used mainly in a clinical environment such as hospitals where the alcohol in the hand sanitiser is far greater at killing germs than soap and water alone.

Due to the on-going situation with the Covid-19 Coronavirus we are all being asked to stay at home to resist the spreading of the coronavirus, we are told to wash our hands for 20 seconds regularly to ensure we are bacteria free and prevent us all from both catching the virus or spreading it.

Washing our hands for 20 seconds is vital to us all following handling goods from outside our homes, however if we stop to think about all of those people who are going to work such as key workers that are not staying at home, well many of these key workers, such as driver's and other mobile workers may not have access to soap and water to wash their hands on a regular basis and this may result in them unknowingly spreading the virus on from themselves or indeed catching the Coronavirus from handling something that has the bacteria on so having these Hand Sanitisers will provide added peace of mind

The best solution for all businesses that employ key workers that drive or that don't have regular access to soap and water is to issue these Hand sanitisers to them, the benefits of issuing these Hand sanitisers is that your staff, visitors and contractors have instant access to a hand sanitiser ready for dispensing wherever they are working, you can keep this Hand sanitiser readily available in your pocket or hand bag for just when you need it.

These Hand sanitisers are are manufactured in the UK by Reliance Medical who is a UK household name within the medical care industry, these Hand sanitisers are 100ml in size and are available in one box and each box contains 20 x 100ml bottles

You can issue these Hand sanitisers to all of your staff to keep with them or place them around your workplace readily and available for use, every employer has a duty of care towards their employers, visitors and contractors so providing these Hand sanitisers you are helping everyone around your workplace or for those out on the road.

These Hand sanitiser bottles are non-returnable due to hygiene reasons, however if you receive a damaged box and/or damaged bottles it is very important that you initially take some photo's of the damaged box or bottles and then contact us regarding this.

These Hand Sanitiser Alcoholic Hand Sanitiser Multi-Packs will be delivered to the designated delivery address you have supplied when you place your order, the courier will observe the Government guidelines on social distancing and place your parcel(s) on your door step, knock your door and ask your name for the POD scanner purposes but you will NOT be asked to sign the scanner.

Due to our costs involved with these Hand sanitiser bottles we cannot give further discounts for large orders, these Hand sanitiser bottles are only available on a first come first served basis and due to the volume of shipping these Hand sanitiser bottles your order may take up to a few business working days longer than usual to arrive.

Hand Sanitiser Alcoholic Hand Sanitiser Multi-Pack Specifications

Supplied in 1 x cases of 20 bottles 100ml

  • Hand sanitiser
  • Supplied in 1 x box of 20 bottles 100ml bottles
  • Ensure a good level of hygiene is maintained during the use of this product
  • Keep in a cool place away from direct sunlight
  • Replace cap after use
  • Available in 1 box quantities
  • There is 20 bottles of 100ml hand sanitiser per box
  • The image shown in product page may differ from case to case
  • For hygiene reasons the items are also non returnable
  • Unfortunately we CANNOT accept orders from Norther Ireland or the Channel Islands
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Short Description
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Supplied in 1 x box of 20 bottles 100ml bottles
  • Ensure a good level of hygiene is maintained during the use of this product