Highly Versatile ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers

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Highly Versatile ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers

Highly Versatile ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers, Highly effective and versatile medium for class A, B, C and electrical fires. Supplied fully charged, Squeeze grip operation, Supplied with wall mounting brackets. BS EN3 and CE Marked, 5 year guarantee.

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Highly Versatile ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers Specifications

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    • Identify the powder fire extinguisher locations by displaying powder fire extinguisher signs
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    • Supplied fully charged
    • Squeeze grip operation
    • Supplied with wall mounting brackets
    • Temperature range of operation -20c to + 60c
    • BS EN3 and CE Marked
    • 5 year guarantee
    • Application Cars, boats, trucks, factories, caravans,homes, flammable liquid stores, warehousing, storage facilities
    • Classes ABC & Electrical
    • Description Standard
    • Finish Corrosion resistant
    • Fire Rating 55A 233B C
    • Fixing Brackets - supplied
    • Product Description ABC Powder Fire Extinguisher
    • Operating range -20ºC to +60ºC
    • Supplied in Single extinguisher

What are dry powder fire extinguishers used for?

ABC dry powder fire extinguishers consist of Monoammonium phosphate making the powder fluid and Ammonium sulfate which has a chemical reaction to heat and breaks the fire triangle of heat, fuel & oxygen by forming a layer over the fire and form a crusty surface which in turn starves the fire of much needed oxygen and eliminates 2 sides of the fire triangle to extinguish the fire. ABC dry powder fire extinguishers are used for tackling fires of classes A, B & C which are fire involving ; wood, paper, textiles, flammable liquids, gases and electrical fires, although Co2 fire extinguishers are prefered over powder fire extinguishers for tackling electrical fires.

Dry powder fire extinguishers are normally sited around garage forecourts to tackle petroleum spirit fires, carried on fuel and gas road transport vehicles, boiler rooms, workshops, flammable liquid storage areas and can be used on boats. When using dry powder fire extinguishers to tackle fires outside it is important to stand downwind if possible so that the powder can be applied to the surface of the fire easier and the operator will not become covered in the powder which can clog up the skin pores on the human body if contact is made.

Dry powder fire extinguishers have the ability to extinguish quite large fires quickly as they can produce a rapid knockdown effect on the fire, it's important to remember powder fire extinguishers cannot cool fires so there is a small possibility that reignition of the flames can happen if the full surface of the fire is not covered.

ABC dry powders cannot be used to extinguish burning metal fires such as magnesium as they have a chemical reaction which makes the fire far worse, where powder fire extinguishers are needed for metal fires the class 'D' powder fire extinguishers is the most suitable as the powders reacts slowly with the burning metal to create a chemical reaction to extinguish the fire, where ABC powder fire extinguishers can be applied to fires rapidly, class D (burning metal) fires need a slow, gentle trickle of powder to extinguish the fire.

Dry powder fire extinguishers should not be used in enclosed areas due to the powder when expelled will create a dusty, foggy atmosphere which will cause the atmosphere to dry and limit the oxygen, likewise don't use dry powder fire extinguishers at the tops of stairs or on stairwells as your visibility will be severely restricted and you may not see the stairs when moving causing you to fall down the stairs.

Using dry powder fire extinguishers can take some skill to fully extinguish flammable liquid fires in outdoor windy conditions to prevent any reignition but the basic operation principles are the same as water and foam extinguishers, the first thing to check BEFORE you take the dry powder extinguisher to the fire from it's location is to make sure it is fully charged by looking at the pressure gauge and ensure it is in the green zone, take the dry powder fire extinguisher downwind of the fire by carrying it with the bottom handle grip only, rest on the floor, pull out the hose from the plastic seating of the skirt and aim at the base of the fire, pull out the safety pin from between the squeeze grip handles and when ready push down on the top handle or grip both handles together and gently squeeze to release the powder onto the fire sweeping left to right and forwards to form a blanket covering.

Recognising a dry powder fire extinguishers has changed, before 1997 powder fire extinguishers were all blue cylinder vessels which everyone recognised and identified from their common appearance, post 1997 under European legislation all fire extinguishers had to be made with red painted bodies and a colour coded band was introduced to identify the fire extinguishers, in the case of dry powder fire extinguishers a blue band was introduced to the front of the extinguisher which was to make sure people could identify the powder fire extinguisher by the old blue colour coded system, initially causing some confusion all business owners had to seek professional advice and as old blue powder fire extinguishers came to their end after being condemned they were eventually replaced with the red bodied, blue banded types.

Following your fire risk assessment, decide where to position your dry powder fire extinguishers, wall mounting is the best option to ensure they are not removed for wedging doors open, dry powders to cover flammable gases and liquids stored outside can be either wall mounted nearby and covered with a fire extinguisher jacket to protect it from the weather or stored inside fire extinguisher cabinets where the dry powder fire extinguishers can sit upright, be strapped in using a velcro strap for rapid removal and most fire extinguisher cabinets have windows in the front door which allows for quick and easy visual inspections by fire wardens and marshals.

Identifying dry powder fire extinguishers immediately is vital when a fire is taking place, any fire extinguishers under fire extinguisher covers, in fire extinguishers cabinets or wall mounted in obscure places will only delay the extinguishing of a fire which may lead to serious fire situations which might get out of control, ensure the dry powder fire extinguisher locations are properly identified by using dry powder fire extinguisher signs, in larger premises such as factory logistical yards consider using fire extinguisher projecting signs so the powder extinguishers can be seen over large distances and various angles.

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