Keep Clear Mandatory Symbol Signs

    • Keep Clear Mandatory Symbol Signs
    • Mandatory sign
    • Finish High gloss
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Keep Clear Mandatory Symbol Signs

A Keep Clear Mandatory Symbol Sign is a mandatory message type of sign that is displayed around areas to instruct and ensure people keep clear of specific areas, obstacles or access areas and a Keep Clear Sign conveys the message "Keep clear" meaning it is a mandatory requirement that the area must be kept clear. Keep Clear Mandatory Symbol Signage can often be used with restricted access signage. Keep clear reflective signage can be used for displaying on the exterior of fire exit doors around buildings to ensure the doors don't get blocked by obstacles or vehicles and the signs message will be clearly seen when a light is shone on the signs face. See the full range of mandatory keep clear signs. buy your Keep Clear Mandatory Symbol Signs on-line with SafetyBox

Keep Clear Mandatory Symbol Signs Specifications

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    • Ensures compliance under the latest signs & signals regulations
    • Display area Indoor and Outdoor
    • Colour - Background Blue
    • Colour - Text White
    • Features - Write On No
    • Finish High gloss
    • Orientation Landscape
    • Photoluminescence Non Photoluminescent
    • Reflectivity Non Reflective
    • Shape Rectangle
    • Sign/Symbol General Mandatory
    • Sign Text/Symbol Symbol and Text
    • Sign Type Mandatory
    • Supplied in Single
    • Text Keep Clear

    Are keep clear signs mandatory?

    Yes, keep clear signs convey the message which means keeping clear where the sign is displayed must be carried out, they are mandatory due to the features of the sign which is a white exclamation mark icon (pictogram) displayed on a blue circular background with the accompanying text "Keep clear" which means you must keep clear where you see the sign. Why are keep clear signs mandatory? keep clear signs are mandatory for a range of reasons such as around the workplace there may be dangerous or hazardous areas which could cause harm to people such as dangerous machinery, floor repairs being carried out, industrial vehicles are in operation or exposed electrical wires.

    Can keep clear signs be used on gates? yes, if the gates are access to specific areas where access is needed 24 hours per day keep clear signs are good for helping to keep the access gates clear at all times. Can keep clear signs be used around car parks? in car parks such as schools and hospitals often use keep clear signs which can be seen mounted on posts to stop drivers from parking their vehicles in a dangerous area e.g. where school children are crossing the school car park to get to school and around hospital car parks where emergency vehicles need to have access at all times without being blocked by vehicles from the general public.

    Can keep clear signs be used on floors? pedestrian routes and walkways around industrial premises often have keep clear signs on the floors, keep clear floor signs will be seen by pedestrians as they are walking around the building and can help keep them away from dangerous areas such as forklift truck aisles, battery charging areas, fire exit routes, fire fighting equipment, first aid equipment, moving machinery, dangerous areas and hazards.

    Do i need to display keep clear signs? this depends on the hazard in place and the risks of those hazards harming or injuring someone if no keep clear signs were displayed, for example a forklift truck driver parks the truck on the route of a fire escape route in a warehouse which leads to the fire exit may cause confusion as well as someone getting harmed, injured as they try to evacuate during a fire, they may not even see the fire exit due to the forklift truck, in this situation yes, a keep clear floor sign should be used and a keep clear door sign should be used.

    Can i use a keep clear sign on my garage door? residential car parks and garage owners have the right to stop other drivers from parking in front of their garage which prevents access to the owner, displaying a keep clear sign on the garage door is meant to be a deterrent to other drivers and shows the garage is in use by someone who needs access when needed which (out of courtesy) other vehicle drivers should keep clear of the garage out of respect for the owner, in this situation the Keep Clear No Parking Signs can also be used as a deterrent.

    Can keep clear signs be ignored by staff? further to your risk assessment it has become clear that due to health & safety reasons keep clear signage is needed in specific areas due to the hazards which may be present, by displaying keep clear signs you are sending a mandatory message to your staff that they must adhere to the instructions of the signs to help prevent any harm or injury to themselves or others, employees have a legal duty to follow the instructions laid out by their managers or business owners whilst carrying out duties in their place of ownership so staff should not ignore keep clear signs which are displayed for a reason.

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    • Keep Clear Mandatory Symbol Signs
    • Mandatory sign
    • Finish High gloss