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  • Keep Clear Sign
  • Mandatory sign
  • Features symbol & text

Keep Clear Sign

A Keep Clear Sign is a mandatory message type of sign that is displayed around areas to instruct and ensure people keep clear of specific areas, obstacles or access areas and a Keep Clear Sign conveys the message "Keep clear" meaning it is a mandatory requirement that the area must be kept clear. Keep Clear Signage can often be used with restricted access signage.

Keep Clear Mandatory Information Signs Specifications

  • Ensures compliance under the latest signs & signals regulations
  • Display area Indoor and Outdoor
  • Colour - Background Blue
  • Colour - Text White
  • Features - Write On No
  • Finish High gloss
  • Orientation Landscape
  • Photoluminescence Non Photoluminescent
  • Reflectivity Non Reflective
  • Shape Rectangle
  • Sign/Symbol General Mandatory
  • Sign Text/Symbol Symbol and Text
  • Sign Type Mandatory
  • Supplied in Single
  • Text Keep Clear
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Short Description
  • Keep Clear Sign
  • Mandatory sign
  • Features symbol & text

What are mandatory signs? mandatory signs convey different types of messages and accompanying pictograms which are used for instruction others to carry out a specific action or activity which normally is for safety reasons.

What do mandatory signs mean? mandatory signs mean a specific action or activity must be carried out.

What colour are mandatory signs? mandatory signs are blue and white, the background colour is blue and the accompanying text, message, icon or pictogram is white.

Why are mandatory signs blue and white? mandatory signs are blue and white to comply with the signs and signals regulations where the colour blue is associated with a must do or must comply action.

Must mandatory sign messages be carried out? yes, mandatory signs are displayed to help protect people from specific risks or potential hazards by instructing people to carry out a specific action to protect themselves and others.

Can mandatory signs be ignored? in the event a mandatory message for a specific activity was ignored any harm or injury suffered in the workplace will be the responsibility of the employee and not the employer.

Do i need to display mandatory signs in the workplace? as an employer you have a duty of care to protect your staff, visitors, contractors and in some cases the general public from hazards and risks which may cause injury, harm or in the worse case death so mandatory signs must be displayed around the workplace to ensure everyone carries out specific activities to keep themselves and others safe at all times.