Keep Locked Signs

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Keep Locked Signs

A Keep Locked Sign is a mandatory message type of door sign which is normally used for being mounted onto doors around buildings where it is necessary to ensure the occupants of the premises keep the door locked and Keep Locked Signage conveys the message "Keep locked" which means it is mandatory that everyone must keep the door locked. Keep locked signs are also available with a pictogram image of a padlock icon which are also ideal for displaying in areas which needs to be kept locked and for multiple areas where doors are needed to be kept locked the self-adhesive keep locked labels can be attached to all types of surfaces, buy your Keep Locked Signs on-line with SafetyBox.

Keep Locked Signs Specifications

    What are keep locked signs?

    Keep locked signs are mandatory message signs used for displaying on doors, gates, cupboards and cabinets that must be kept locked for either safety or security reasons as the contents may be sensitive, hazardous or dangerous to people accessing the areas such as access doors to lift motor rooms. Why are keep locked signs mandatory? beyond the doors, gates or cabinets where keep locked signs are displayed might be dangerous or hazardous goods which can cause serious harm or injury to people so the keyholder must ensure people entering those areas are authorised to do so and at all other times they must be kept locked.

    Do i need to display keep locked signs? in areas which are dangerous or have hazardous materials and the access doors were open for access someone may have an accident and quite possibly not be found until help arrives, normally keep locked signs will be displayed to help prevent this happening so only authorised personnel are permitted and people are aware of their whereabouts and by displaying keep locked signs you are controlling and restricting access to dangerous areas.

    Can keep locked signs be used outdoors? keep locked signs can be displayed in outdoor areas where specific areas need to be kept locked such as gates for accessing electrical compounds, doors to outdoor boiler rooms, doors to basements and other areas which are only accessible from the outside such as electrical intake rooms. Do keep locked signs have pictogram symbols? the icon pictogram symbol which is displayed on keep locked signs is a pictogram of a white padlock displayed on a blue circular background which is the symbolised version of the keep locked sign.

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