Lightweight Face Shield Protective Visor

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Face Shield Protective Visors

Face Shield Protective Visors are a lightweight face protection shields that is being commonly used by healthcare professionals throughout the UK to offer protection to the wearer whilst caring for Covid-19 coronavirus patients and are now being used more widely for other professionals to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Ideal for use in hospitals, care home staff, pharmacies workers, doctors, checkout operators and many other places where closer contact than the social distance measures may take place with patients or customers on a daily basis the Face Shield Protective Visors offer added protection.

Where Face Shield Protective Visors are worn by staff it is important they take ownership of the visor are sanitised between shifts and the visor is not shared with others staff and for visibility of the shield the Glass Cleaner Spray is an ideal choice for cleaning the visor.

Lightweight Face Shield Protective Visor Specifications

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