Litter Picking Kits

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Litter Picking Kit

Litter Picking Kits are a safety first type of litter picking safety kit which are used when carrying out litter picking duties where the general public have inconsiderably tossed their rubbish onto the roads, streets, countryside and beaches, the litter picking kits are provided with all the safety essentials needed to carry out litter picking and keeping you safe at all times. To dispose of any litter being picked up around beaches, seafronts and tourist attractions the seaside and tourist attraction litter bins are ideal which features a large 114 litre capacity in a vibrant yellow colour. For something warmer than high visibility vests for litter picking the high visibility clothing range offers a range of warmer high visibility clothing in varying sizes and colours. To keep litter pickers hands free from bacteria carrying a pack of Clinell NHS Approved wet Wipes which are friendly to the skin and does not cause dry or sore hands.

Litter Picking Kit With High Visibility Vest And Gloves Specifications

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    • Stay safe even with litter picking by using our starter kit
    • These kits are perfect for all litter picking duties and will make your job as efficient as possible
    • 1 x Economy Litter Picker
    • 1 x Sack Hoop
    • 1 x Pair Criss Cross Gloves
    • 1 x High Visibility Waistcoat
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