Multi-Message No Smoking Signs

Multi-Message No Smoking Signs are a combination of either 2 or messages being displayed in one sign with at least one of the messages being a no smoking allowed message and the other messages usually convey a message of why you are not allowed to smoke such as any hazards that may be present.

Multi-Message No Smoking Signs, sometimes in areas of high hazards due to the materials, chemicals and gases in use or stored you need to display no smoking multi-message signs to inform everyone of the immediate hazards in the areas and why there is no smoking allowed in the area.

The hazard part of the sign informs people the nature of the hazard for example "Highly flammable LPG" or "Warning Flammable" followed by the No Smoking part of the sign so everyone is aware of the dangers of smoking in that area of the premises.

You will normally find the no smoking multi-message signs at petrol forecourts, manufacturing plants, warehouses and hospitals to name a few.

Our no smoking multi-message signs are available in various sizes and formats to suit all types of buildings, our signs are manufactured here in the UK and can normally be delivered next working day.