No Exit Signage

No exit signs are a range of prohibition type of message signs used for the purpose of preventing pedestrians and vehicles from being able to exit from a building or car park due to safety or security reasons, the pack of 6 no exit signs are suitable for being mounted around sites where there are multiple areas to stop others from exiting the areas. In site where there is a need to stop people and vehicles from being allowed entry to building and car parks the no entry signs will prohibit everyone from entering specific areas due to safety or security reasons such as mounting high voltage no entry signs around electrical intake rooms due to the dangers involved.

In addition to no exit prohibition signs our range of prohibition access restrictive signs are ideal for stopping both driver's and people on foot from having access to areas for security or safety reasons which may put themselves and others in danger. Prohibition signs for preventing smoking, stopping dangerous activities in factories, stopping the public from carrying out acts are ideal for mounting to prohibit such activities and our full range of prohibition, mandatory, hazard warning and fire escape signs can be seen in our workplace safety signage range.

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