No Mobile Phones Signs

What are No Mobile Phones Signs? No Mobile Phones Signs are a range of signs that have been designed to prohibit the use of mobile phones around specific areas or buildings, these No Mobile Phones Signs are normally displayed around premises where electrical interference could cause problems with machinery, equipment or chemical fumes.

No Mobile Phones Signs, there may be public places or workplaces that require the use of mobile phones to be prohibited. This may be due to security reasons or perhaps safety reasons such as the electrical parts of the mobile phones producing minute sparks whilst in use.

A good example of where not to use mobile phones is petrol filling stations forecourts where the use of a mobile phone could create a spark which has the potential to ignite any petrol fumes within the vicinity and could cause an explosion.

Our range of no mobile phones are available in a wide range of sizes, formats and materials to suit every application type in the workplace or public areas. All of our no mobile phone signs are manufactured in the UK and can normally be delivered to you the next working day.