What are Photo-luminescent signs? Photo-luminescent signs are a range of signs that have been designed and manufactured to glow in the dark and provide illumination inside properties when there is a power failure and the lights go out, Photo-luminescent signs simply need to be charged for a specific time in either day light or under office lighting and will be very effective in the dark.

Photo-luminescent signs are becoming increasingly popular today as more and more properties demand a higher grade sign that can be seen in both daylight or natural light and during darkness.

Photo-luminescent signs are fantastic for all premises as they will provide you with an added visual effect in the dark, this is very helpful especially in areas subject to none or poor lighting and can assist in the safe evacuation of premises during darkness as they will omit a glow which can help illuminate travel routes in the event of an emergency evacuation.

Our photo-luminescent signs are available in a wide range to suit all applications and provide you with added peace of mind in the event of an emergency.