Push To Open Signs

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  • Push to open Sign
  • Door sign
  • Features pictogram & text

Push To Open Door Signs

A Push To Open Sign is a door operation type of sign which is used for being displayed onto doors which needs to be pushed for them to be opened to let people know to push the pads, handles or bars to open the door and a Push To Open Sign conveys the message "Push To Open" which means to show others access is by pushing open. Push To Open Signage is sometimes used for being displayed alongside panic push pads to show how they are operated.

Push To Open Door Information Signs Specifications

  • Ensures compliance under the latest signs & signals regulations
  • Display area Indoor and Outdoor
  • Colour - Background Green
  • Colour - Text White
  • Direction Forward
  • Features - Write On No
  • Finish High gloss
  • Orientation Landscape
  • Photoluminescence Non Photoluminescent
  • Shape Rectangle
  • Sign/Symbol Forward Arrow
  • Sign Text/Symbol Symbol and Text
  • Sign Type Fire
  • Supplied in Single
  • Text Push to open
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Short Description
  • Push to open Sign
  • Door sign
  • Features pictogram & text

What is a safe condition sign? a safe condition sign is a types of sign which informs people that specific actions, activities, directions and instructions are safe to be carried out with no risk to anyone.

What colour are safe condition signs? safe condition signs are green and white, the background is green and any accompanying text, icons and pictograms are white.

Why are safe condition signs green and white? green and white is relative to safety for example a Push To Open Sign is letting others know it is safe to push the door in order for it to be opened.

Where can safe condition signs be displayed? safe condition signs can be displayed in all areas where there is a need to re-assure others that by asking or instructing them to perform specific actions or activities which lead to safety or safe for others.

What shape is a safe condition sign? safe condition signs are available in rectangular, square or circular shape depending on the types needed.