SafetyBox - Quality

We are constantly improving our processes and methods in our aim of achieving More Satisfied Customers.

We will achieve this aim by offering our customers the products they require with a high level of service. To assist in this aim we operate a Quality Management System that complies with B.S EN ISO 9001:2000 to provide a firm basis upon which we can build for the future. In building for the future we actively encourage the participation of all staff in developing the systems we use and improving our products, processes and methods.

Our aim is achieved by the company working to some basic rules, and committing these details to our internal intranet site. Our policy, the way the policy is put into operation and the methods we use to achieve the policy in individual departments is all documented in our Quality Manual, Quality Assurance Procedures and Work Instructions.

The quality manual, procedures and instructions provide proof that the systems essential to achieve the quality we desire have been planned. The procedures and instructions provide guidance to all staff to ensure the same message is being given as to how we do our day to day tasks and how important GOOD service is. They ensure continuity when personnel changes occur and can be used as a basis for the internal control, audit and review of the system to ensure its effectiveness.

The implementation of the system has been verified by an independent organisation British Standards Quality Assurance, (BSIQA) since 1993. This Internationally recognised body comes back and examines our systems on a regular basis. This examination provides an independent assurance for our customers that our system is consistently implemented, that our product quality is rigorously examined as part of our system and that the customer is assured at all times of a quality product.