Refuge Action Multi Message Notice Signs

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Refuge Action Multi Message Notice Sign

A Refuge Action Sign is an emergency evacuation type of message sign which is used for being displayed around areas where there is a requirement to ensure the occupants of a building understand where the refuge point is located and Refuge Action Signage conveys the message "Refuge action" which has the meaning of highlighting the location of the refuge point which is a fire protected area for wheelchair user's to wait until the fire service rescue them. A Refuge Action Sign features the following information;

      • The heading reads "Refuge action" "In the event of fire"
      • Message 1 conveys "This refuge affords fire and smoke protection for approximately...minutes"
      • Message 2 conveys "The evacuation plan in operation within these premises ensures that assistance will arrive at this point within...minutes"
      • The sub heading reads "Disabled persons should:"
      • Message 1 conveys "Remain calm"
      • Message 2 conveys "Wait here until assistance arrives"
      • Message 3 conveys "Do not attempt to leave the building unassisted"
      • Message 4 conveys "Do not leave this point even temporarily"

Around site where the refuge point is located it is important that others keep the area clear at all times and the best method in doing this is by mounting and displaying Keep Clear Refuge Point Signage which will ensure the refuge point is kept clear and it is recommended that where refuge point are located they can be accompanied by evacuation chairs and as such will require the appropriate signage for evacuation chairs.

Refuge Action Multi Message Safety Notice Signs Specifications

The refuge action plan signs for the disabled is the perfect solution for business and building owners to mount and display to help ensure that the disabled and user's of wheelchairs clearly understand what they must do upon hearing the fire alarm, the refuge area for the disabled signs must be displayed near all fire alarm call points and in the designated refuge areas. Public buildings and workplaces may want to consider installing and mounting fire action deluxe gold effect signs which conveys all the relevant fire action step-by-step guidance with both text and pictograms and are made from 1.5mm acrylic material with the face providing a gold effect finish so it will blend into any interior decor providing a luxurious finish.

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