Sharps Hazardous Waste Disposal Containers

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Sharps Hazardous Waste Disposal Box 7 Litres

Sharps Hazardous Waste Disposal Containers are a sharp objects waste disposal bin often used by the NHS and the healthcare service to safely dispose of sharp objects waste such as used or broken needles following use on people such as injections or surgery, Sharps Hazardous Waste Disposal Containers features a 7 litre capacity making them ideal for use where sharps waste is in large amounts, the waste sharps bins can be disposed of by either incineration or by following the recommended guidelines as used by the NHS.

Sharps Hazardous Waste Disposal Box 7 Litres Specifications

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    • A similar choice of waste sharps containers are the Sharps Disposal Protection Kits
    • Designed for safe and effective disposal of contaminated sharps
    • Safe and easy to use with universally recognised markings
    • Each box can be safely incinerated or disposed of by other recommended methods
    • Can be safely used for sharps contaminated with non cytotoxic/cytostatic medicinal products and residues
    • Comply with BS7320:1990, UN3291, AFNOR NFX 30-500 and ISO 9002
    • HSE regulations require healthcare workers (and other employees as identified in risk assessment) to have effective arrangements for the safe disposal of sharps
    • Capacity 7 Litres
    • Supplied in single
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