Waste Disposal Machine Signs

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  • Waste Disposal Machine Sign
  • Mandatory sign
  • Features pictogram & text

Waste Disposal Machine Signs

A Waste Disposal Machine Sign is a mandatory message type of machinery sign which provides 3 keys safety steps that are required to be carried out whilst specific cleaning, mixing of items, breakdown and detailed operator instructions which must be adhered to in order for the waste disposal machine to operate safely without putting people in danger.

Where can you use Waste Disposal Machine Signs? around your sites you may have waste disposal machines and these machines requires specific attention to detail to ensure the machine runs and operates in a safe manner so you can display these Waste Disposal Machine Signs around near your waste disposal machines to ensure everyone can see, observe and follow the instructions on the sign.

Why install Waste Disposal Machine Signs? Waste Disposal Machine Information Signs, these Waste Disposal Machine Information Signs needs to be displayed next to your waste disposal machine. Should you have any waste disposal machines within your workplace then you will need to display these 'Waste Disposal Machine' signs, by displaying these 'Waste Disposal Machine' signs you are informing the waste disposal machine operators of specific actions that must be carried out in the event of the waste disposal machine breaking down, the 'Waste Disposal Machine' signs informs the operators to switch off the waste disposal machinery prior to cleaning.

What do Waste Disposal Machine Signs feature? The 'Waste Disposal Machine' signs explain to any operators that some mixtures of waste must be separated and the 'Waste Disposal Machine' signs informs the operators that they must switch off the waste disposal machine if the machine jams or stops.

Waste Disposal Machine Information Signs Specifications

  • Ensures compliance under the latest signs & signals regulations
  • Display area Indoor and Outdoor
  • Colour - Background Blue
  • Colour - Text White
  • Features - Write On No
  • Finish High gloss
  • Orientation Landscape
  • Photoluminescence Non Photoluminescent
  • Shape Rectangle
  • Sign/Symbol General Mandatory
  • Sign Text/Symbol Symbol and Text
  • Sign Type Information
  • Size (H x W) 100 x 250 mm
  • Supplied in Single
  • Text Waste Disposal machine
    Switch off / disconnect power supply at mains before cleaning. Ensure that cutlery, cones, string etc are not mixed with food waste. Switch off power supply if machine jams or stops, follow manufacturers inspection instructions
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  • Waste Disposal Machine Sign
  • Mandatory sign
  • Features pictogram & text