Wear Goggles Signs

    • Wear Goggles Sign
    • Mandatory ppe sign
    • Finish High gloss
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Wear Goggles Signs

A Wear Goggles Sign is a mandatory message type of personal protective equipment sign which is used for displaying around areas where there is a need to ensure people wear goggles as part of their ppe requirements and Wear Goggles Signage conveys the message "Wear goggles" which means it is mandatory that googles MUST be worn. In sites where pedestrians routes are in place such as factory floors the wear goggles floor signs can be laid on flooring at entry points to where people are required to wear goggles before entering the area and for the correct storage of goggles the goggles dispenser can be installed at work stations, warehouses and laboratories.

Wear Goggles Signs Specifications

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    • Ensures compliance under the latest signs & signals regulations
    • Display area Indoor and Outdoor
    • Colour - Background Blue
    • Colour - Text White
    • Features - Write On No
    • Finish High gloss
    • Orientation Portrait
    • Photoluminescence Non Photoluminescent
    • Shape Rectangle
    • Sign/Symbol Eye Protection
    • Sign Text/Symbol Symbol and Text
    • Sign Type Mandatory
    • Supplied in Single
    • Text Wear goggles
    • Orientation Portrait

    Guidance regarding Wear goggles signs

    Do "Wear goggles" signs conform to the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996? The regulations state that "Wear goggles" signs feature white text and where appropriate white symbols displayed on a blue circular background which makes the signs fall under the mandatory category of signs and for this reason "Wear goggles" signs comply with the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996.

    Do "Wear goggles" signs comply with the BS EN ISO 7010 regulations? According to the regulations "Wear goggles" signs must contain a pictogram symbol of a person wearing goggles displayed inside a blue circular background which is universally recognised as a mandatory symbol sign and this makes the "Wear goggles" signs comply to the regulations of BS EN ISO 7010.

    Where can "Wear goggles" signs be mounted? It is important that business owners carry out a risk assessment which should identify the areas where others need to wear goggles, consider entry points to dusty environments, around clinical areas, smokey environments and areas where chemicals are present.

    Why is it important to mount "Wear goggles" signage? As a business owner or employer you are responsible for the health & safety of all staff, visitors, contractors and (if appropriate) the general public whilst on your premises and to help prevent people's eyes being harmed or injured from chemical splashes, flying debris and dust then safety goggles must be provided and worn, as a result they must be instructed to wear goggles which is why "Wear goggles" signs must be mounted and displayed and by doing so employers satisfy the regulations of the health & safety at work act by displaying "Wear goggles" signs where required.

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    • Wear Goggles Sign
    • Mandatory ppe sign
    • Finish High gloss