Health And Safety At Work Posters

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Health And Safety At Work Posters

Health And Safety At Work Posters feature detailed information, bullet points and photographs regarding health & safety in the workplace such as safety signs, hazardous substances, first aid, manual handling and PPE (personal protective equipment legislation). Health And Safety At Work Posters details information regarding the health & safety (signs & signals) regulations 1996 which requires employers to use safety signs whenever there is a risk that cannot be controlled by any other means, the regulations demand all safety signs contain a pictogram as part of their intrinsic design features and incorporate fire safety signs.

Health And Safety At Work Posters also provides detailed information regarding hazardous substances, working with hazardous substances can be potentially dangerous to personal health as well as being damaging to the environment. Control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH) regulations 2002 is a statuary requirement relating to the protection of employees and non-employees health with respect to workplace activities or operations that involve substances. The regulations are concerned with toxic effects of substances, not fire risks or explosions etc, as these are covered by other regulations.

First aid is also a topic on the Health And Safety At Work Posters and shows the approved code of practice covering the health & safety (first aid) regulations 1981 to ensure that employers assess the need for first aid provision in the workplace which includes an assessment of first aid needs to be appropriate to the needs of each workplace, once the assessment has been made, choose an appropriate first aid kit to cover the size and nature of your workplace. The Health And Safety At Work Posters also covers information regarding manual handling techniques, for detailed, photographic information about manual handling in the workplace the manual handling posters are ideal for workplaces where staff carry out manual handling on a regular basis.

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