20 MPH Road Traffic Signs

20 MPH Road Traffic Signs, the current law of 30 MPH speed limit around villages and built up areas is slowly becoming outdated as more and more local councils are taking measures to reduce the 30 MPH speed limit to 20 MPH in particular around built up areas and schools and villages. The 20 MPH speed restrictions signs are excellent for areas where there are many pedestrians or dangers by the roadside or around your premises where you need to control vehicle speeds, you will often see signs when you drive into villages where the speed limit displays 30 MPH and directly underneath this sign is another displaying 20 MPH is plenty. You can display our 20 MPH signs either on walls by fixing with screws or you can mount the 20 MPH speed limit signs on posts, for maximum visibility even during the hours of darkness then we supply a range of 20 MPH speed limit signs that are reflective from the vehicle headlights ensuring your 20 MPH speed limit can be seen at all times.

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