Nite-Glow Fire Exit Hanging Signage

Nite-Glo Fire Exit Hanging Signs are a range of double sided signs which are used for being mounted and suspended from ceilings around areas where there is a need to let the occupants of the building understand which direction the fire exit route is located and are ideal for hanging where wall space might be limited, Nite-Glow Fire Exit Hanging Signs are manufactured with a finish film applied white in daylight but glows brightly in darkness Illumination for up to 6 hrs with a Recharge time of just 5 mins in normal lighting making them ideal for conveying the fire exit messages if the lighting in the building failed. View the full range of Xtra-Glo Hanging Fire Exit Signs, view the range of Fire equipment Hanging Signs, view the Fire Exit 3D Projecting Signs, view the Fire Exit Double Sided Signs.

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