Chemical Resistant Spill Trays

Chemical Resistant Spill Trays, chemical spillages in the workplace can be very dangerous to people especially when either decanting or transporting chemicals as the liquids have the potential to leak onto surfaces, the best possible solution to contain chemical liquid spillages and leaks is to store, transport and decant them on chemical resistant spill trays such as an Economy Chemical Resistant Spill Tray which is manufactured from polyethylene for broad chemical resistance, is lightweight, compact and can fit into small areas making the Economy Chemical Resistant Spill Tray ideal for housekeeping and spill control. For employers needing further information regarding spillage control and containment you can visit the UK Government website for detailed information. The Mobile Chemical Resistant Spill Tray is the ideal solution to contain chemical spillages and leaks whilst transporting them around the workplace. View our complete range of products and equipment for handling, moving and storing hazardous goods for a wide range of choices.

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