Safety Gloves

Safety gloves are a vital part of ppe for workers carrying out manual handling duties to help keep their hands and fingers free from harm or injury such as the Polyco® Nitrile Lined Chemical-Resistant Gloves which must be worn when people are handling and moving chemicals as they provide excellent chemical protection and the Polyco® Leather Welding Gloves are the ideal choice for protecting the hands of any welder. It is important that your gloves are kept in a safe place and dust free when not being used and the Gloves Storage Containers are the perfect solution in ensuring your gloves are kept safe, dust-free and readily available at all times, people who wear Powder Free Textured Latex Gloves are recommended to keep their gloves stored in the Acrylic 3 Compartment gloves Dispensers are a convenient for protective gloves making them Ideal for hospitals, laboratories and the food industry.

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