Disabled Access Signs

What are Disabled Access Signs? Disabled Access Signs are a range of information type of message signs which provide vital information for the disabled or people with wheelchairs such as how to access premises, buildings and parking measures, these Disabled Access Signs are ideal for business premises, car parks and public areas.

Disabled Access Signs, we provide a complete range of disabled access signs for all types of properties where you need to inform everyone that you have provisions in place to cater for disabled people.

The signs can be displayed in car parks or near the entrance to your building to inform disabled people where they should park and also directions for their ease of access to buildings.

It is the law for all building owners to cater for the safe and secure access to buildings for the disabled and these signs cater for your needs. Our range of disabled access signs are available in various sizes and formats to ensure they are suitable for your type of property, and of course our range includes blue badge holder signs too.