Winter Kits

Winter Kits, having snow and ice around your premises can be very troublesome especially when car parking spaces, pavements, playgrounds, pathways and building access points are blocked by snow and ice. We provide a complete range of winter snow and ice kits which will ensure you can keep your premises snow and ice free and of course continue to conform with health & safety, our range of winter clearing kits are available in a variety of sizes depending on the size of your premises, we cater for small businesses, large commercial premises, hotels, schools and all public buildings where snow and ice can affect the access of people to your premises, the majority of our winter snow and ice kits come with grit and salt too ensuring you are fully prepared for winter. We also supply winter car and vehicle kits which are designed to assist you in the winter with your vehicle to ensure you have a safer journey. Please browse our range of winter snow and ice kits and we are sure you will find a winter snow and ice kit to meet your particular demands.