Site Equipment

We supply a complete range of over 2,000 safety products to help you with maintaining, cleaning and improving your sites, workplaces, schools, hospitals, warehouses, construction sites and factories. During winter and the colder months it is vital that outdoor areas of your sites are kept slip-free from the wet, damps, frost, ice and snow in which our complete range of snow and ice clearing products will help you with products such as grit and de-icing salts to spread around your sites. When you need to transport goods around your sites such as boxes and other heavy loads our range of goods handling equipment will help you with equipment such as sack trolleys, platform trolleys, platform trucks, service trolleys and roll cages, when you need floor mats for people to clean their footwear around your reception areas or for your staff to stand on whilst carrying out their duties our complete range of industrial floor mats offers a wide choice of entrance mats, anti-fatigue mats, electrical safety matting and kitchen floor mats.

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