Hot Warning Hazard Signs

Hot Surface Hazard Signs, it is very important that wherever in your property that you have the potential for some form of hot surface or very hot water that display some for of hazard hot surface or caution very hot water around your premises, displaying these signs can reduce the potential chance of someone receiving an injury from the hot surface or water. You will normally see the caution very hot water signs around hotels and bed & breakfast establishments where the owners want to ensure their guests do not get scolded by hot water within their rooms and bathrooms. The hot surface warning signs are normally displayed in the catering industries where the use of stoves, griddles and hotplates are commonplace and even after being turned off can remain hot for a long time. Our warning hot water and caution hot surface signs are available in a wide range of shapes, materials and sizes can normally be delivered to you the next working day, please ensure you display the hot surface or hot water signs in clear prominent positions for maximum warning to others.