Site Security Products

The security of your premises, staff, private land and home is vital to ensure property and people are kept safe and free from harm, you can take simple steps to help protect your property, staff and assets with security products such as ensuring keys are kept in a safe place such as key cabinets especially where you have a large number of keys. Keeping gates and doors locked can be made easy by using padlocks and chains to help keep people out of dangerous areas and private land, Within the workplace it is vital that staff, visitors, contractors and where appropriate the general public are easily identified with personal identification products to ensure only authorised people can access restricted areas. Keeping your grounds secure from unwanted visitors is vital for your security and protection to ensure people are aware you have security measures in place to help prevent unauthorised access by trespassers and installing security products and equipment can help you keep your premises safe.

Security for everyone is vital and this includes being safe and secure during darkness too and our range of torches are the ideal solution to be used around the workplace and around the home too which can help provide assistance in the dark when you need extra lighting especially during a power failure, keeping your premises and staff safe at all times is vital but you must ensure measures are in place for allowing easy access for the disabled and wheelchair users by installing DDA building access kits which allows wheelchair user's easy and uncomplicated means of alerting your staff that a visitors has arrived.

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