Industrial Sack Trucks

Industrial Sack Trucks have been manufactured to help transport heavy goods over long distances such as for making deliveries, moving warehouse goods or transporting materials over heavy terrain. The Super Compact Aluminium Folding Sack Trucks are the favourite trucks for delivery driver's as they can be folded and stored out of the way allowing for more parcel room in the van, for businesses based on upper floor levels who have regular deliveries the Stair Climber Sack Trucks offer the best solution as you can roll up or down stairs smoothly with 3 linked wheels on either side of the truck and it is fitted with 150mm plastic and rubber wheels. Transporting chairs in bulk can be made easy by using the Chair Bulk Load Sack Trucks which feature a Load capacity of 150kg making them perfect for schools, hotels and functions. View the full range of goods handling and transportation equipment.

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