Step Ladders

Step Ladders are vital for carrying out specific tasks at short heights, ideal for around the home or in the office it's important that your step ladders are up to the task as well as keeping the user safe at all times. The Kleeneze 3-Step Folding DIY Step Ladders makes every DIY or cleaning task easy allowing you to finish a job with no need to stretch or struggle. Measuring approximately 105 cm, the Kleeneze 3-Step Folding DIY Step Ladder gives you the perfect boost so you can work much more efficiently without causing any strain. With a strong and sturdy frame, it features a safety clip to prevent accidental closure keeping you completely secure as you climb.

The 6 Tread Fibreglass Electricians Heavy Duty Step Ladders feature the added benefit of non-conductivity for safe working at height in electrical environments. Constructed in a "builder's style" these 6 Tread Fibreglass Electricians Heavy Duty Step Ladders with large serrated steps and rubber feet provide insulated non-slip working in the most testing of environments. The 4 Tread Small Fibreglass Step Ladders allow you to work at height with confidence. Moulded rubber feet and slip-resistant treads provide a firm, stable base for your team to reach high areas with ease and focus on the task at hand. Extra strong for professional use. Our step ladders offer a robust load capacity of 360kg, with braces fitted under the top and bottom treads providing additional support and stability.

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