PPE Gloves Storage Boxes

PPE Gloves Storage Boxes are the ideal solution for keeping your gloves clean, safe, dust-free and readily available for use where needed, perfect for wall mounting or free standing around entry points where people are required to wear gloves prior to entry, each gloves storage boxes feature a the blue mandatory wear gloves symbol for instant recognition and opens easily by the abs handle and are ideal for mounting near workstations. For instantly seeing the gloves inside the boxes before opening the transparent gloves storage boxes allows for instant visual inspections to ensure the gloves boxes are always stocked and readily available for use, the large gloves storage boxes can be used for storing many gloves or can be used for storing welding gloves and mounted near welding bays and the blue gloves storage boxes can be used for wall mounting in areas where manual works are being carried out to house safety gloves for staff, visitors, contractors and (where appropriate) the general public. View the complete range of products for storing personal protective equipment around the workplace.

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