Dispenser Refill Cartridges

Dispenser Refill Cartridges are cartridges containing soaps, creams or sanitisers in a range of sizes which fit dispensers for housing in toilets, washrooms and restrooms. The Deb Cutan® Foaming Soap 1 Litre Cartridges are made to fit the DEB 7 Circles Cutan® Hand Wash Dispensers and are the perfect choice for busy washrooms such as in schools. The Tork® Mild Foam Soap 1 Litre Cartridges are available in packs of 6 and are used for dispensing from the Tork® White Foam Soap Dispensers which are ultra hygienic dispenser for foam soaps and sanitisers, easy to install and simple to refill, extra hygienic, robust design prevents any leakage. View the full range of dispensers for washrooms and toilets.

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