First Aid Products

First aid products are essential for all workplaces and homes, employers have responsibility in ensuring their first aid kits are fully stocked at all times and making sure other first aid products are readily available for use in an emergency if someone has an injury. First aid kits for example must contain basic essential depending on your workplace environment such as individually wrapped sterile plasters which are appropriate for the type of workplace, where food preparation is being carried out the blue catering plasters are the best option for the catering environment as they are highly visible to help prevent and cross contamination with food if they come off.

Employers have responsibility for supplying appropriate first aid equipment, first aid medical supplies and equipment and this includes schools as they too are workplaces, the HSE strongly encourages employers to take into consideration non-employees during their assessment for first aid needs by providing provision for them such as first aid kits for schools which are designed by medical experts and filled with essential medical products and equipment to deal with injuries sustained around school and educational backgrounds, for further information about first aid requirements in the workplace and in schools visit the HSE Government website for in depth guidance regarding first aid needs. For more choices of first aid equipment and supplies view our complete range of first aid medical supplies which are suitable for workplaces, schools and for use in the home.

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