Battery Charging Signs

What are Battery Charging Signs? Battery Charging Signs are a range of information signs which convey messages regarding the locations and uses of any battery charging facilities you may have for electrical vehicles around your sites.

In premises where you have fork-lift trucks or other mechanical vehicles operating and you have a battery charging area then you are obliged to provide the appropriate warning signs within the area to notify staff, contractors and visitors of the activities carried out in the area as well as the dangers, risks and hazards involved. Failure to display such signage may result in someone having an accident and getting injured.

You can of course display various signs around the wall, door or entrance area, however we can provide you with battery charging area signs that contain multi-messages, these multi-message signs are ideal where you need to control multiple hazards and risks by just using one sign, a good example of this could be warning battery charging area, warning explosive gases, no smoking or naked lights prohibition and mandatory keep clear, all these messages can be clearly displayed in one simple multi-message warning sign.